Bilateral Programs

JSPS promotes international scientific exchanges between Japan and counterpart countries in accordance with agreements or memoranda of understanding concluded with academies, research councils and other science-promotion organizations in those countries. Programs with such partner agencies mainly take the form of joint research projects, joint seminars and scientist exchanges. Altogether, JSPS carries out programs with 82 partner agencies in 43 countries and two international organizations(, each with specially tailored contents

Proposals for bilateral projects are openly recruited; and, per agreement with the partner agency, are jointly selected and supported.

Project operation

  1. (1) Joint Research Projects
    Under this format, support is provided for joint projects carried out by research teams in Japan and the counterpart country based on a 2-3 year research plan. JSPS’s support mainly takes the form of travel grants. The ultimate purpose of these projects is to build sustainable inter-group networks by supporting researcher interaction between the two teams.
  2. (2) Joint Seminars
    Supported are small-scale scientific seminars organized by bilateral teams for a period of up to one week. They are held in either Japan or the counterpart country.
  3. (3) Researcher Exchanges
    Under this framework, the sending country nominates visiting researchers, whom it dispatches upon the receiving country’s acceptance. These exchanges normally provide researchers with their first opportunity to do research in the counterpart country.

A Bilateral Exchange programme in South Africa:

Bilateral Exchange Program
JSPS-NRF Joint Research Project
Application Guideline for FY2005/2006

June, 2005
1. Purpose

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) conduct programs in accordance with their mutual agreement on international scientific collaboration. The JSPS-NRF bilateral exchange program is aimed at providing support for research jointly conducted by Japanese and South African Researchers.
JSPS will accept applications for this program through its electronic application system.

2. Eligible Countries, Counterpart Organisations, Programs, Number of Projects selected and Target Fields


Counterpart Organization


Number of
 projects selected

Target Fields

South Africa

National Research
Foundation (NRF)

Joint Research Project


Humanities/Social Science,
Natural Science

Please refer to the following URL for details (available only in Japanese)

3. Contacts

In South Africa
National Research Foundation, P. O. Box 2600,0001 PRETORIA
Email: Tel: 012-481 4032 Fax: 012-481 4044 or the NRF Website:

In Japan
Asian Program Division, International Program Department
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
6 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8471
Tel: +81-(0)3-3263-2367

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