Articles of Eastern Africa JSPS Alumni Association

 Article 1

Name and Location


(a)     The name of the association shall be “Eastern Africa JSPS Alumni Association”, and shall hereafter be referred to as ‘the Association.’

(b)     The office of the Association shall be located at the JSPS Nairobi Research Station, Kenya.

 Article 2



The objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

(a)  To promote scientific exchange and research collaboration between Japan and Eastern African countries, in all fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

(b)    To develop a network and encourage scientific cooperation amongst the Association’s members.

 Article 3



In order to fulfill the objectives in Article 2, the Association shall:

(a)   Publicize JSPS programs in Eastern Africa;

(b)   Mentor and encourage scientists in this region to apply for JSPS programs;

(c)   Provide necessary information for applicants of JSPS programs;

(d)   Exchange information and knowledge amongst the Association’s members;

(e)   Conduct joint activities with academic institutions (including Japanese universities and research institutions), science promotion agencies and international exchange organizations;

(f)     Conduct other appropriate activities.

 Article 4



(a)   Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons who have received support under JSPS programs.

(b) The Association may invite persons who have made great contributions to promoting scientific exchange between Japan and Eastern Africa as honorary members. 

(c) The membership shall be reviewed and set during General Assemblies.  As a   

start, the membership shall be free.

(d) Membership will be terminated in the following cases:

-(i)     Death of the member

-(ii)   Submission of a written withdrawal notice to the Association

-(iii) Expulsion from the Association

(e) A member whose actions are clearly deemed detrimental to the Association may    

be suspended pending the decision of Executive Committee.  Executive Committee shall recommend suspension pending the decision of the General Assembly.  The member has the right to appeal.

 Article 5

Rights of Members


(a)   Each member shall have one vote.

(b)   Honorary members shall not be allowed to vote.

(c) A member may delegate in writing his/her vote in proxy.

 Article 6

Obligations of Members


(a)   A member shall attend the meetings of General Assembly.

(b)   A member shall pay a membership fee.

(c)   A member shall maintain good conduct.

(d)   A member shall provide information that might be of value for the furtherance of JSPS activities.

 Article 7



The Association incorporates Executive Committee and General Assembly.

 Article 8

Executive Committee


(a)   Executive Committee shall consist of five members; a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and two other members.

(b)   Director of JSPS Nairobi Research Station is an ex-officio member.

(c) Executive Committee shall perform the following functions:

-(i)     Draft program plans;

-(ii)   Prepare annual budgets;

-(iii) Perform other functions that are related to the activities of the Association.

(d) Executive Committee decisions shall be communicated via e-mail, letters or meetings.

 Article 9

Membership of Executive Committee


(a)   The members of Executive Committee shall be elected amongst the members of the Association except honorary members.

(b)   The term of membership of Executive Committee is two years.  If a member resigns his/her post in mid-term, Executive Committee will select another person to fill the remainder of the term.

(c)   The members may be re-elected for a further one more term.

(d)   A member of Executive Committee may be dismissed by a 75% vote of all the Association members, if they are found to act in a serious violation of these articles.

 Article 10

Duties of Members of Executive Committee

The Chair shall chair all the meetings of the Association and all General Assemblies.  In her/his absence, the Executive Committee shall elect one of their members to chair the meetings. 


The Chair shall be responsible to the General Assembly and shall:

(a) Represent and act on behalf of the Association generally;

(b) Keep a full, complete, and up to date record of the Association’s affairs;

(c)  Arrange for the meetings of the Association on instructions of the Executive Committee, or in special circumstances, on the instructions of the General Assembly;

(d) Do all such acts as are necessary for the efficient and effective running of the Association’s affairs.


The Treasurer shall in general ensure that proper accounting procedures are adhered to, and shall:

(a) Keep on a proper accounting basis all the financial records of the Association;

(b) Open a bank account on the advice of the Executive Committee and ensure that all drawings from the account are countersigned either by the Chair or his deputy;

(c)Provide reports on the financial statement of the Association and audited accounts to the General Assembly.


The Secretary shall in general ensure that proper records are kept, and shall:

(a) Keep minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the General Assemblies;

(b) Carry out all correspondence and publicity on behalf of the Association;

(c)  Communicate on behalf of the Association on impending meetings.

 Article 11

General Assembly


(a)   The General Assembly shall consist of all of the Association’s members.

(b)   The General Assembly shall:

-(i)     Elect and dismiss members of Executive Committee;

-(ii)   Establish and amend the articles of the Association;

-(iii) Dissolve the Association;

-(iv)  Render decisions on suspensions, expulsions and appeals;

(v)    Receive and nominate honorary members.

(c)   A quorum of 75% of the registered members is required to implement the above.

(d)   Decisions are made by a majority vote.

 Article 12



(a)   The Association’s operational funding must be used for the activities agreed upon and in line with Article 3.

(b)   The fiscal year for the Association shall be from 1 April to 31 March of the following year.

 Article 13

Country Representatives


(a)   Each country shall have a Country Representative.

(b)   The Country Representative shall conduct the activities of the Association in each country with the cooperation of Executive Committee.

(c)   The Country Representative shall report its activity to Executive Committee.

 Article 14

Dissolution of the Association


If the Association is dissolved in accordance with Article 11(b)(iii) and 11(c), the Association’s assets shall be transferred to JSPS Nairobi Research Station.

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