The 2nd Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Call for Nominations


The purpose of the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize is to honour individuals with outstanding achievements in the fields of medical research and medical services to combat infectious and other diseases in Africa and through such work have contributed to the health and welfare of African people and all humankind. 

The prize consists of 2 categories: Medical Research and Medical Services. JSPS is entrusted by the Japanese Government with the operation of the prize for medical research. The prize consists of a citation, medal and honorarium of 100 million Japanese Yen (approximately 1.18 million US dollars). The prize is awarded every 5 years and this second award will be presented in June 2013.

More details about the nomination procedure and nomination form for the medical research prize category can be found on the JSPS Tokyo Head Office website here.

New Deadline: July 31, 2012

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