Workshop on Academic Affairs, Science and Technology & JSPS Publicity, ETHIOPIA


  • Date; March 15 (Friday), 2013
  • Venue; Crown Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethopia.


On 15th Mar-2013, JSPS Nairobi Research Station & Eastern Africa JSPS Alumni Association held publicity seminar and Workshop at Crown Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethopia.  The seminar was attended by 38 participants mainly researchers from Addis Ababa Science & Technology University (AASTU).  This is the first time to have a workshops in Ethopia by JSPS Nairobi and Eastern  Africa JSPS Alumni Association, hosted by the Alumni member(s) in Ethopia.

As newly borned university, AASTU is now just coming up.  in his lecture, Dr. Tarekegn Tadesse(President of AASTU, Member of EA Alumni Association)introduced the summary of policy for higher education and university education.  Because of the fact that most of their budgets are covered by the national budget while East African countries experienced popularization of national universities and increased the rate of private student, Alumni members from other countries, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda gave several questions to him and had some discussion over it with Ethiopian researchers.

Among attendants of the workshop, there are those who have PhD degrees and the others are not.  JSPS publicity presentation by the Director JSPS Nairobi invoked various questions.  There was some questions about masters / doctors course studies in Japan; the point to access the information of them, Cultural & Press Division of Japanese Embassy in Addis Ababa.  Also there were some questions about short-term  invitation fellowship for research in Japan (14 to 60 days; for Associate Professor / Professor) , because for most of PhD holders, it’s somehow difficult to be dispatched from the institution he belongs for two years.

Networking was another focus of the discussion.  Having a good network with Japanese researchers is one on the most important key for applying JSPS programmes.  Some attendants complained they didn’t have any networks with Japanese researchers (some said “because our university is still very new”), they asked how could they initiate good networks with them.  First of all, the significance of existence of Alumni Association is there, “we are the hub of networking”.  Members advised in several ways; keep in touch the Alumni Association members of their institution or their own coutry; find information on the website of Japanese universities and ask for connection to the Alumni members or JSPS Nairobi.  Also Alumni member gave an idea to open registered members’ names, institutions and the majors on this website of EA JSPS Alumni Association.

Dr. Tarekegn Tadesse, President of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University gives his presentation

Dr. Tarekegn Tadesse, President of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
gives his presentation

Group Photo at the Venue

Group Photo at the Venue


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