Fostering Research Leaders of Our Time


JSPS EA Alumni seminar


On 25th 03 2009 a seminar titled “Fostering Research Leaders of Our Time” was held at AICAD Conference Hall (African Institute for Capacity Development). It was organized by JSPS, Nairobi Office and the Eastern Africa JSPS Alumni Association in conjunction with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The main speaker was Prof. Walter Oyawa, a member of the EA JSPS Alumni.

Prof. Oyawa (front, left side) explaining JSPS programs.


The objectives of the seminar was to expose global and local research needs (food depravation, environmental degradation, energy shortages, natural disaster, infectious diseases )and to introduce JSPS programs by presenting research and collaboration opportunities available in Japan.

A brief of the procedure

The seminar was attended by approximately 50 attendants mainly from the Civil Engineering and Mechanical department of the University who were very curious to learn more about JSPS activities. They raised many questions which were mainly concentrated in two issues.

  1. 1.The Japan life
  2. 2.The language factor

Life in Japan life
The attendants emphasised that though information has been put in the internet, it is important for all persons, and especially the Professors and Doctors, who have studied in Japan to assist in creating a link between these two countries.

The language factor
The attendants proposed that the Japanese language be introduced as a third or fourth language and be taught at the Universities. They also requested for more learning materials and materials in terms of books, and brochures

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