【TICAD VI(TICAD 6)公式イベント】Urbanization and Street Vendors Forum(2016年5月12日(木))


キスムにて、ストリートヴェンダーにかんするフォーラムをIFRA(French Institute for Research in Africa)と共催いたします。

Theme: Urbanization and Street Vendors Forum
Venue: Kisumu Hotel (Kisumu)
Date: May 12, 2016
Time: 8.30AM-13.00PM

Abstract:The forum will be an occasion to create conditions of debate between civil society, local authorities, developers and academics. The idea is to share and reflect on representations and practices of Street Vending and Urban Planning. The debates will allow for a comprehension of (i) street vendors, their strategies, their practices and their organisation, (ii) the production and the governance of urban space, (iii) the key issues surrounding economic regulation, (iv) in sum allowing for reflection on a participative approach of the integration of Street Vending into the City.  

Guests: Local Authorities in charge of urban management, planning and economic regulation; Political Representatives, Sector Leaders (Chairmen of Street Vendors groups), Development organizations and academics.


8.30 – 9.00 Registration and Refreshments
Session 1. Keynote speakers
Moderator: Dr Samuel Owuor, Head of the Department of Geography, University of Nairobi
9.00 – 9.10 Welcoming and introduction by IFRA Deputy Director, Sylvain Racaud
9.10 – 9.20 Political representative: H.E. Jack Ranguma Governor of Kisumu (or H.E. Deputy Governor)
9.20 – 9.30 Kisumu City Manager: H.E. Muthoni Orlale (or H.E. Deputy City Manager)
9.30 – 9.40 Kisumu County Assembly Committee of Tourism, Commerce and Heritage
9.40 – 9.55 Representative from street trader association, Anthony Kwache, Chairman of KENASVIT (Kenya National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders) and of KITES (Kisumu Informal Traders Economic Support).
9.55 – 10.10 Dr George M. Onyango, Maseno University, School of Planning & Architecture
10.10 – 10.25 Africa Uncensored documentary
10.25 – 11.00 Questions to the speakers

Break and refreshments 11.00 – 11.30

Session 2. Panel based plenary discussion around key issues
11.30 – 11.40 Introduction by moderator
11.40 – 13.00 Discussion: questions addressed to the panel and then to the public
Moderator: Dr George G. Wagah, Dean of School of Planning & Architecture, Maseno University
City Planner of Kisumu City County: Mr Solomon Mwongo
Representative of Kisumu Urban Project (KUP)
Anthony Kwache, Chairman of KENASVIT and of KITES
Dr Jacob Olang’o Onyango, University of Eldoret
Dr Ephantus Kihonge, Jomo Kenyatta Universty of Agriculture and Technology
Dr Samuel Owuor, University of Nairobi
Key questions:
How informal vending can be recognised in order to diminish the precarious situation it is in?
How can street hawking, a common practice structurally anchored in the city, be integrated into urban planning policies?
How should a participative approach to urban planning be conceived?
What is the daily local governance and the socio-political space of street vending?

13.00 – 14.00 Closing remarks and Lunch

Don’t hesitate to contact the coordinator of the project Sylvain Racaud

E-mail: sracaud[@]ifra-nairbi.net
Tel: 0701 943 907

Programme Kisumu Forum May 12 2016

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